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Matlab plot within gui

Matlab plot within gui

Sorry to ask you this because i have been learning to design gui using appdesigner and testing it ability to run task that i can think of. It is only possible when it is in other new figure. Figures can contain axes and user interface objects directly, or you can parent these objects to uipanels, which you then parent to a figure. Learn more about arduino, matlab gui, sensor data, maker MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite, MATLAB After downloaded GUI Layout Toolbox 2. MATLAB Central. Matlab GUI: How to import images and plot graphs on matlab graphics user interface window Urban School. Asked by George Makropoulos.

MATLAB GUI Tutorial: Learn how to pass data within GUI functions Stuart’s MATLAB Videos. 2 A graph is a plot of data within a 2-D or 3-D axes. Learn more about gui, guide, subplot, axes, contain, figure, window MATLAB Answers. filter MATLAB GUI Tutorial - Plotting Data to Axes MATLAB GUI Tutorial - Button Types and Button Group MATLAB GUI Tutorial - A Brief Introduction to handles MATLAB GUI Tutorial - Sharing Data among Callbacks and Sub Functions Video Tutorial: GUIDE Basics More GUI Tutorial Videos From Doug Hull. dat files and graph them. I just wrote a custom function for scatter using plot function.

I have three axes defined in GUI. a script using ij. print Prints plot or saves plot to a file title Puts text at top of plot. 1 and 0. How do I create a tabbed GUI in MatLab? However that code populates each tabs ui within a single function. Adding scroll bar in subplots within GUI.

Learn more about import . I get a new axes or figure whenever I try to put a plot into an existing axes in my GUI, regardless of whether the plotting command is issued from the GUI's callbacks or the MATLAB Command Window. 01 between the points where you will sample the function. To see how these work, try the following. Ask Question 4. I have two axes boxes (axes2 and axes3) where I use checkmarks to plot within.

I am new to matlab and need a bit of help with a gui. Learn more about gui, matlab gui, guide, handles, save, saveas I am programming a GUI to take in data from . All other visualizations including scatter3/line/box plots and correlation maps were fine. First checkbox creates two plots: one (x1,y1) in axes2 and the s Adjusting size of plot in Matlab so that graph does not get cut off by edge of plot window I've created a plot in Matlab, but unfortunately the side of the plot I get a new axes or figure whenever I try to put a plot into an existing axes in my GUI, regardless of whether the plotting command is issued from the GUI's callbacks or the MATLAB Command Window. passing values between functions in GUI. Plot over an image background in MATLAB T his is a short tutorial that documents how to make a MATLAB plot on top of an image background.

The first of these files is a matrix of U. For instance, I created the following GUI using the GUIDE. Try it Put up an input box that asks for the user's car manufacturer and display the string "Your car was made by xxx" where "xxx" is the name the Display a plot from simulink in a seperate Learn more about gui, guide, simplot, display plot in seperate window MATLAB MATLAB Commands – 8 Plotting Commands Basic xy Plotting Commands axis Sets axis limits. filter In my GUI program, I want to make a button that creates 4 subplots; each of the subplots allows the users' input data to be retained (retain the plot). What version of Matlab are you using? Sign in to comment. Toggle Main Navigation.

Exercises. Calling a function from within a GUI (GUIDE). fig subplots gui MATLAB Answers. , when 2 or 3 components are displayed on top of each other), and a 24×24 icon for a component that spans the entire column height (i. The app contains three edit fields and two axes. I added a check box on the gui for the user to indicate they would like to select an additional file to plot, while the checkbox is clicked.

Since my user interface is going to be more complicated than that, I'm hoping to create a figure for each tab using it's own function . All the code within my gui is under a pushbutton callback function. Learn more about guide, calling uicontrols, matlab gui Learn how to create a graphical user interface using GUIDE, the graphical user interface development environment of MATLAB. com/watch?v=50EfgtsD-24&t=10s to install peter cor Focus of a plot within a GUI after clicking on Learn more about focus, gui, plot, fit, axis Can someone suggest how to call a figure that is automatically created by an embedded function in matlab and plot it within a GUI. The main idea is to show how to pass initial data into GUI and pass the data in between functions. If you have no previous experience with Matlab, it would be beneficial to go through some of the tutorials provided in the Matlab documentation.

If you close, move, or undock any of the tools, MATLAB ® remembers the configuration you left them in and restores it when you invoke the tools for subsequent figures, both within and across MATLAB sessions. I'm aware you're able to send Simulink data to the workspace and plot afterwards, however, I would like to see a 'live' plot in sync with the simulation. what I would like to achieve is that I make a GUI that will have a drop down menu and depending on the user selection of data Matlab will look at the designated folder find the xlsx file run the script and then display the findings on the GUI. Deleting plots within a GUI only if the plot Learn more about deleting plots, plots How to save an axes within a GUI to a . For example, the function plot can be used to produce a graph from two vectors x and y. Dash Club is a no-fluff, twice-a-month email with links and notes on the latest Dash developments and community happenings How to add next plot.

fig. Can I put a subplot within a GUI axes?. Also, I took the section of code within the loop to a seperate file and was able to plot it. You can use those numbers and divide the vector by 255 to use within MATLAB. two of them I filled with two plots. How to make a box plot in MATLAB.

case 4 plot 1--> case 4 plot 2-->case 4 plot 3-->etc. Command ver does not show this toolbox has been installed. GUIDE App With Parameters for Displaying Plots. However, this 3D plot is not properly displayed within the axes and I suspect it happens due to predetermined size of the axes object I put in my GUI (please see the code and the result I get below). I found that using scatter. Designing the GUI 2.

I am developing a GUI using GUIDE. It displays data in a table within a figure, with settable properties as with any other Matlab Handle-Graphics (HG) control. plot Generates xy plot. However, Matlab plots one point at a time and I was not able to get it such that it connected the points. Seven examples of box plots in MATLAB that are grouped, colored, and display the underlying data distribution. Learn more about MATLAB App Desig I am new to matlab and need a bit of help with a gui.

test, and, finally, launch your own trading strategy or test a hypothesis within minutes, even with little prior How to save an axes within a GUI to a . , I would like to know how i can move an object inside one plot to another plot within the same GUI which Following example would demonstrate the concept. m) is compiled as a Windows standalone executable application, when running the resulting executable the Java window appears for a short period and then terminates (exits). So the user can look at 4 plot at a time and compare them. Basic plotting is very easy in MATLAB, and the plot command has extensive add-on capabilities. Browse other questions tagged user-interface matlab plot scrollbar or ask your own question.

However, MATLAB includes many different types of dialogue boxes ready for you to use. Have you ever had to plot many lines on a single graph and you had to construct additional Colors for Your Multi-Line Plots » File Exchange Pick of the Week - MATLAB & Simulink Toggle Main Navigation I am programming a GUI to take in data from . ylabel Adds text label to y-axis. Thus knowing the MATLAB RGB triples for the colors can be useful. Learn more about matlab guide, graphics Subplots within a GUI figure. The plot contains approximately one period of a sine wave.

MATLAB GUI Tutorial: Learn how to pass data within GUI functions 8:45. MATLAB Answers. The problem is everytime I try to use it the subplot is dividing the entire GUI figure into several plots which is not what I wanted. I would like to represent all the selected signals in the axes at the same time. Laying out the GUI – Using the Layout Editor 3. The Octave interpreter can be run in GUI mode, as a console, or invoked as part of a shell script.

MATLAB GUI Tutorial: Learn how to pass data within GUI functions Introduction to Graphical User Interface (GUI) MATLAB 6. 8. How can I control the values inside a drop-down Learn more about matlab, gui, dropdown MATLAB into a MATLAB array. I have created a GUI which includes options to select the signals to be represented and a single axes window. 5, 0. MATLAB includes GUIDE (GUI development environment) for graphically designing GUIs.

It also has tightly integrated graph-plotting features. The axes display the frequency and time domain representations of a function that is the sum of two sine waves. I'm looking to display live simulation data from a scope within a MATLAB figure/ UI I've created. 0 – This article explains how we can use a couple of undocumented functions in Matlab GUI, and what we can learn from this about Matlab's future. How do I make my GUI plot inside of a new figure in MATLAB rather than into an axes within the GUI figure? Actually I am able to make a plot into the GUI axes which I have made but I want to save that graph. The other 9 axes are not visible although their Visible property is 'on Secondly, you can store the plot handle within that new function and make it a persistent variable so every time this function is called it has access to the handle of the most recently plotted object.

Many toolstrip controls (such as buttons, but not checkboxes for example) have a settable Icon property. Census Bureau data with a column for all the decennial census years (1790-2000) and separate Using Panel Containers in Figures -- UIPanels. Next run, I load again D, I generate another new random number and I save it in D(2,1) and so on so D has no a fixed dimension it is continued updated every day. Better yet, we should be able to tell MATLAB to read and use the column headings when it creates the plot legend. Currently I'm using an Excel spreadsheet where every day I put in one single value coming from an instrument and I plot it to see if it lies within some low/upper limit. within the GUI.

The standard practice is to use a 16×16 icon for a component within a multi-component toolstrip column (i. You just need to add the corresponding java handles of uicontrol objects to your java container. Actually what I am planning is to select a directory. • * play a sequence of MATLAB arrays of speech samples as a sequence of audio files • record a speech file into a MATLAB array • plot a speech file (MATLAB array) as a waveform using a strips plot format • * plot a speech file (MATLAB array) as one or more 4‐line plot(s) How to make subplots in MATLAB. IJ commands needs to be run from within MATLAB (or you'll need to add Java class paths to MATLAB search path before calling ij. Subplots within a GUI figure.

When the button is pressed, not only is the plot altered, but I need to remove one of the elements from the gui, for instance a uicontrol label. when I try to implement within my gui, I am unable to plot uitree – This article describes the undocumented Matlab uitree function, which displays data in a GUI tree component handle2struct, struct2handle & Matlab 8. For plotting the results, manually specify the line width and marker sizes as part of the plot command itself. Let us plot the simple function y = x for the range of values for x from 0 to 100, with an increment of 5. I get a new axes or figure whenever I try to put a plot into an existing axes in my GUI, regardless of whether the plotting command is issued from the GUI's callbacks or the MATLAB Command Window. The third axes, however, I would like to divide into several subplots.

in one single value coming from an instrument and I plot it to see if it lies within some low I'm looking to display live simulation data from a scope within a MATLAB figure/ UI I've created. They are described in this section. Plot sin(x) on the interval [-pi,pi] using spacing 0. 00, add it to an array D(1,1), plot the array, save the variable and exit. Create Simple Programmatic GUI Matlab. However, the file obtained is an image of the overall figure window.

When you run the file, MATLAB displays the following plot − Let us take one more example to plot the function y = x 2. I need to plot a graph in matlab GUI using Axes function. Session 4: Visualization and GUI programming Version 1. e. One solution is the file readColData. Usually RGB colors have values from 0 to 255.

MATLAB GUIs for Data Analysis GUI Description More Information MATLAB Figure window For plotting variables in the MATLAB workspace and editing plot properties MATLAB Graphics documentation Data Statistics dialog box For calculating and plotting descriptive statistics “Example — Using MATLAB Data Statistics” on page 1-28 Basic Fitting Audio Processing in Matlab Matlab is widely used environment for signal processing and analysis. Learn more about matlab gui, control chart, plot, guide MATLAB. How do I properly call a public function within Learn more about app designer, public function MATLAB It can plot the reach envelope of created robot MATLAB GUI Tutorial - import parameters into and pass data within GUI - Duration: 6:24. You could write your own app to do this. Matlab III: Graphics and Data Analysis 9 The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin Place these files in a location within your Matlab path. See Functions — By Category in the MATLAB Function Reference documentation for a complete list.

The Octave syntax is largely compatible with Matlab. I have no problem displaying the new image, its just that it does not "save" in the main gui handes. Notice that at any time, only a single axes is actually visible in our test setup. I call imagesc on some data and plot. The options should create a subplot with up to 3 selections being made meaning I can have 1 plot or up to 3 plots being displayed on an axes. MATLAB GUI Tutorial -Plotting Data to Axes In this MatlabGUI tutorial, you will learn how to create and use the Axescomponent.

xlabel Adds text label to x-axis. magnifyonfigure function file is available in following link https://www. Hi, I wrote a script that plots a map from some given ways and nodes structs data (my plot works fine), then I tried to plot this thing in a GUI Axes, first by copying my code and pasting it under the pushbutton function in the Matlab GUI function and then I tried some other stuff but nothing has worked. I have in mind a simple project but I'm not sure how to start it. 3. And this is the job of guidata.

First checkbox creates two plots: one (x1,y1) in axes2 and the second (x1,ht) in axes3. Please note that the positions of both axes are manually set to have the same x-position and width, but different y-position (a is set to be above b). After many years in which the uitable was avail… Continue reading → The problem comes from one of my button callbacks. How do I make sure that the changes in the subgui affect the changes in the Main gui. Create an Individual Plot To create a plot of an individual record, select the leaf node and associated channel from the dropdown menus for the color desired. lowpass / highpass / bandpass.

, when the column contains Note that all text must be put within ' '. The plot command can also be used with just one input vector. fig with subplots into GUI. NyquistGui. All this works great when ran within the Matlab environment. eg.

have an animation plot in a GUI that is excuted by pressing a Importing . The table below shows all available MATLAB 2-D I did a very stupid script in Matlab, where I generate a random number let's say 2. Could you please help me regarding this? MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. plot a speech file (MATLAB array) as a waveform using a strips plot format * plot a speech file (MATLAB array) as one or more 4-line plot(s) convert the sampling rate . How can I have designed the following GUI in which there are an axes. 21:02.

There is no built-in MATLAB command to read this data, so we have to write an m-file to do the job. For example, you can add a title to a HeatmapChart object. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in common mathematical notation. I would like the user to have the option to plot additional data on the same plot. zip, I extracted into folder of GUI Layout Toolbox 2. I want to save the plot drawn inside them to a jpeg file.

Everything worked smooth when positioning by either clicking in the slider’s trough or via numerical values of an additional text box (that always shows the current position values – I guess you get the idea). m. This example shows how to examine and run a prebuilt GUIDE app. This can be useful for a variety of things but when I first learned about it, I was a bit confused by how the axes seem to be flipped sometimes when you do this. Seven examples of stacked, custom-sized, and gridded subplots. However, when the Matlab source code file (.

MATLAB supports developing applications with graphical user interface (GUI) features. I'm not sure how to get the while (when pressed) condition for the push_button. In this section, we introduce some key Matlab concepts and functions that are useful for music and audio. But I would like to add an GUI object whose function is to minimize /maximize or restore the graph/plot within the GUI using a button. The plot will appear in the plot window to the right as shown in Figure 20. Is the above being called from within a callback of your GUI? Get figure handles in matlab GUI.

In this tutorial, we will create two axes on the GUI and plot some simple data onto it. Subject: [matlab] Opening a file using GUI Hi all, I want to create a GUI in MATLAB. This is the end of the tutorial. Then in a list box Hello, I am trying to create a GUI that plots Learn more about matlab gui, gui, guide, plotting, plot, if statement, for loop, matlab function, function MATLAB How to close FVTool window using commands?. On clicking it, it brings up a dialog box to select directory I needed for my analysis (Much like "File ---> Open in Microsoft Word". case 4 (default plot 1)) step 2: pass the listbox choice to pushbutton (i.

How can I put figure as axes in GUI MATLAB?? I can make a figure in command window with script as follows. Learn more about guide, calling uicontrols, matlab gui This is a very basic tutorial that demonstrates how to create a GUI for a MATLAB program and how to use its fields as input/output for a preexisting or new p Focus of a plot within a GUI after clicking on Learn more about focus, gui, plot, fit, axis Just remember the limitation that no Matlab component (such as GUI controls or plot axes) can be added to Java containers. Learn more about gui, passing values between functions . See Axes Properties in the MATLAB Graphics documentation and commands such as the following for more information on axes objects: plot, surf, line, bar, polar, pie, contour, and mesh. In fact in this callback if I write close(gcf), the GUI closes, and not the figure I want to close. These commands assume 100 dpi for the sake of on-screen viewing, but this does not impact the resolution of the saved image.

S. I am currently building a programmatic UI using the GUI layout toolbox (GLT), and I am having difficulty convincing Matlab to use the axes that I want for plotting purposes. grid Displays gridlines. m file - contains the code that controls the GUI • You can program the callbacks in this file using the M-file Editor 28 Creating a GUI Typical stages of creating a GUI are: 1. However getting the minimize button to do nothing is not possible from within MATLAB. I'm trying to create a simple GUI, using GUIDE, which should, upon being started through a proper "Start" button, periodically check if a CSV file has been modified (by an external program, which already takes care of avoiding that Matlab reads it while it is still being written) with new data and, if it has been modified, parse that data and automatically display it in the GUI.

If I use simply gcf inside the callback, i get the GUI handle and not the handle of the figure. replace-- reset all Figure properties, except Position, to their defaults and delete all Figure children before displaying graphics (equivalent to Often when you are developing a Graphical User Interface, you want to bring up a small window to display a message, ask for some input or the name of a file. m visualization functions in MATLAB were deleting the handles to the object. MATLAB GUI Tutorial - import parameters into and pass data within GUI - Duration: 6:24. Learn more about plot with gui . % Plot 4 more plots in the bottom left spot.

Plot Enhancement Commands MATLAB supports developing applications with graphical user interface (GUI) features. System Limitations. Thesis 123 45,038 views. Learn more about matlab gui MATLAB Target for the title, specified as an Axes object, a PolarAxes object, Legend object, or a graphics object that has a Title property. Uipanels are useful for the design of GUIs because they enable you to define subregions in a figure in which you can lay out components. eeprogrammer 176,353 views.

How to set the axes limits within a GUI. But I am new to matlab and need a bit of help with a gui. Create an 'undo' button that also calls this function and sends a flag that indicates you'd like to delete the most recently plotted object. m file. The code: One can specify colors using a vector that gives the RGB triple where in MATLAB, each of the three values are numbers from 0 to 1. Java JFrame created in Matlab (click for full-size image) The problem.

GUI building in MATLAB 8. the code was explained in this video : https://www. zip: A zip archive with both files. Create data to plot and Run GUI. Polynomials as Vectors. The system has several know limitations: There is no dynamic Be aware that exceeding your available stack space can crash MATLAB and from plot is a handle to the separate figure window into four axes within one GUI.

Learn more about gui, matlab gui, guide, handles, save, saveas Because a GUI is made of a lot of graphical objects and each one of these objects has a handle. For example I am applying the line within a GUI, if you zoom out of the plot then you need to reapply. Learn more about handles create your second GUI, or create the first GUI from within the second GUI. 0. 4. fig: The figure that makes up the gui; or, NyquistGui.

m file and then import that figure into the main GUI function . associated with a speech file (MATLAB array) to a different (lower/higher) sampling rate. A better solution is to have MATLAB read the file without destroying the labels. MATLAB can plot a 1 x n vector versus an n x 1 vector, or a 1 x n vector versus a 2 x n matrix (you will generate two lines), as long as n is the same for both vectors. I am including a MWE below (note, it requires the GLT, although I do not believe that is the source of the issue). The only method I've found for taking a gui element from a figure window is to delete the uicontrol object, so my callback looks something like an Engineering and MATLAB blog Home Listchecker MATLAB Contact About MATLAB GUI (Graphical User Interface) Tutorial for Beginners 23 Oct 2007 Quan Quach 341 comments 106,587 views Why use a GUI in MATLAB? The main reason GUIs are used is because it makes things simple for the end-users of the program.

Deleting plots within a GUI only if the plot Learn more about deleting plots, plots I encountered a similar-ish behaviour with a slider that positions a plot object within my gui. The first time you open the plotting tools, all three of them appear, grouped around the current figure as shown above. The code can be found Calling a function from within a GUI (GUIDE). This is Matlab tutorial: import parameters into and pass data within GUI. The GUI Focus of a plot within a GUI after clicking on Learn more about focus, gui, plot, fit, axis . In this video, zooming of figure in same figure is explained in two different ways.

Multiple Graphs Or Plot Overlays in same MATLAB Plot - Duration: 21:02. If you do not specify the target for the title, then the title function adds the title to the graphics object returned by the gca command. In this example, we This video explains how to create a matlab GUI. In MATLAB, a polynomial is represented by a vector. m and scatterhist. 4 and add this path into matlab search path, but MATLAB still can not find this installation.

New to Matlab and GUI - load and plot data from txt data file. MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic data type is the array or How to make a graph with multiple axes in MATLAB. Then later within a loop, grabbing more data and trying to refresh the CData at a quick refresh-rate. The figure is generated by this embedded function as a pop-up. Learn more about gui, fvtool, command line MATLAB I have created a . How do I plot on multiple graphs and have them Learn more about gui, plot, multiple plots .

How this will work is that you select wether you are on the Earth or Moon for gravitational acceleration via uicontrol's popup menu. 7/7 JM. How can I change variables within a GUI to make plot using the data from user input? Asked by Mike I have a GUI which has several charts/graphs to display. Recall Function within Gui. After that you just need to enter "NyquistGui" at the command prompt. youtube.

fplot Intelligent plotting of functions. You should put these files in a directory in the Matlab path so that Matlab can find them. ) I am having trouble with a figure embedded in a Matlab GUI window. later in the future I would also like to incorporate in In fact, in one of my more complex GUIs, the entire GUI and Matlab itself came to a standstill that required killing the Matlab process, just by moving the mouse for several seconds. On GUI I want a button "Open". Component icons.

For the current axes, set the default fontsize and axes linewidth (different from the plot linewidth). 5 Introduction A graphical user interface (GUI) is a pictorial interface to a program. How can I do it? I have seen the list of GUI components, none of them are relevant to what I am looking for. You cannot add axes, but you can manage a mixture of java components and uicontrols using swing layout mangers. in the second GUI . The code: Scripts requiring ImageJ classes without auto-conversion support should launch ImageJ from within MATLAB.

m file that depending on the user input xlsx file, it generates four plots. Seven examples of the scatter function. I am not very clear on matlab GUI logic, thus I called the listbox from pushbutton as I intend to step 1: allow user to make a choice in listbox (i. I am not sure whether the appdesigner is relatively new so it has its limit or i need to start with GUIDE first to fully utilise matlab gui design. I've been reading various help files, such as "Making multitple GUIs work together" and "Sharing Data Among a GUI's Callbacks" and I've asked previously here, but I can't find a proper workaround for my GUI. Code explanation: With this, a second empty x-axis (b, m/s) with almost zero height (1e-12) is drawn under the one used for the actual plot.

IJ commands). How to plot in matlab GUI | How to use axes in matlab Urban School. Simple GUI Tabs for Advanced Matlab Trading App. . I am making a GUI for displaying the path of a projectile, moving with projectile motion. The last two commands (hold on and hold off) are best explained by trying them next time you plot.

How to clear data from plot in Matlab GUI. • MATLAB has many built-in plot types, and a easy way to get a quick overview of the different plot types is to select some variables in the Workspace Browser, click on the disclosure triangle next to the plot toolbar icon and select More plots… MATLAB Basics – Plotting Multiple plots in one Figure Window Instead of visualizing plots and numeric results within Matlab's main window, I want to show them in a results_screen. Matlab should put these two small programs into the It migth be easier to implement your own CloseRequestFcn to prevent closing the figure as long the calculation runs. The How do I pass Sensor Data to a GUI?. Note that this trick is the basis for the performance improvement that occurs when using the plot’s undocumented set of LimInclude properties. The other dimension can vary.

You may visit the plotting page to learn more. I tried updating the main handles with guidata but that only updates it within the subgroup. The Axescomponent allows you to display graphics, such as graphs and images on your GUI. Learn more about guide, calling uicontrols, matlab gui In a callback function of a Matlab GUI, I need to catch the ficure handle of a plot created in the command window, and so not within the GUI. Learn more about gui, guide, matlab gui, function, matlab function, matlab The sub gui allows the user choose specifics. The full How to make a scatter plot in MATLAB.

NextPlot determines which Figure MATLAB uses to display graphics output. If the value of the current Figure is: add-- use the current Figure to display graphics (the default). Who can help me? uitable is probably the most complex basic GUI controls available in Matlab. How to Create a GUI with GUIDE Pitambar Dayal, MathWorks Learn how to create a graphical user interface using GUIDE, the graphical user interface development environment of MATLAB ® . A good GUI can make programs easier to use by providing them with a consistent appearance and with intuitive controls like pushbuttons, list boxes, sliders, menus, and so forth. layout and the components of the GUI • Changes to this file are made in the Layout Editor – .

Luckily for you, Matlab provides a way to access all the handles in an interface created with the GUIDE. If GUIs were not into a MATLAB array. Learn more about uicontrol, gui MATLAB. Of course, setting manual limits prevents the axes limits from growing and shrinking automatically with the data, which can actually be a very useful feature sometimes. m kind of window. matlab plot within gui

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